New Tools To Help Yourself

>>>>> This world will be more enjoyable in the future mostly for our great grand children, but for right now we start tasting some of the best innovations through technology. From our research tonight, we jot down some of the very relevant self-helping devices.


  • This is a Keeping Watch__a very well-designed super watch with a sensor_it has built to conduit about how many times is an individual brushes his teeth, it also can measure his heart rates from hist wrist, stress level, temperature, his sleep quality, number of calories burn during a day, this type of watch use its own app on many wireless devices and on smart phone to track exercise, nutrition, sleep, mood, and other variables.
  • This is a Microfluidics__A very tiny plastic chip to detect HIV and syphilis in just fifteen minutes. The chip was developed in the “U.S.” at Columbia University by Samuel Sia and friends; it costs only 10 cents.



  • Zeo Persona Sleep Coach__in our modern time is actually the first device that allows people to track their sleep cycles over time, it is like your sleeping coach is inside of your room. Simply it comes with a very soft headband before you sleep to wear, so it can detect the brain’s electrical activity with just an embedded sensor, it determines whether the person who’s sleeping is in a deep or light sleeping and wirelessly send the information to a station on the bedside monitor. The company’s website says, “Zeo is designed to help you analyze your sleep and improve it, so you can be your best every day. It’s composed of a lightweight wireless headband, a bedside display, a set of online analytical tools, and an email-based personalized coaching program.”
  • Daily data__Everyone should have this smartphone app, it helps you to predict whether you sick or not. It just shows a warning you are infected with any disease.



  • This is a One Hour Cancer Detector__(Left) is a Magnet to create a magnetic field in the Microchip (green in the middle) to reveal key cancer proteins in any patient biopsies and after all the process it sends the data to a Smartphone which the software has downloaded.


  • For grandpa or ma, this could be a great innovation, and what I think is in the future scientist will come back everyone who has been blinded for years with their sight being restored back. This is just the beginning, The Argus II___A Bionic Eye_ restores limited vision to blinded individuals by degenerative eye disease. it will only be available in Switzerland, France and U.K. for only $115.000 not in all clinics.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>So What have you learned so far?

What do you think about the technology advancement so far?



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