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U.S. Army Top Secret Secure Smartphone Is Building By The National Security Agency

The U.S. is known as one of the best countries in the world, yes I said “BEST.” The United States is great enough to fight its own economic problem and surely it will get over it soon.

Imagine that a country where most of the world’s largest business are founded, even if some of them later moved to some place else, but we know that the country gives many over seas people opportunity to do a start up and move on.

For all the amazing technology developed by and for American defense and intelligence agencies, here in America, they now focus in one of the greatest area. The U.S. Army is now having its own secret secured smartphone, a type of mobile device that will be secured enough and it is actually going to be system that will be tough enough where no mobile email or Angry Birds for our nation’s spy corps.

As the government has its own suite of secure mobile phones that connect to something called the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network which is a system that the generals don’t quite love too much because it is unlimited and sneaky, sometimes they switch to their personal cellphones, reported Reuters.

In Florida where a security conference took place Reuters got some details on a top-secret smartphone project at the National Security Agency.

They found out that the project leader which is Mr. Troy Lange, the one who developed a special software for the device that will turn it into a tool with top secret access. And he wants every employee in the Defense Department and intelligence agencies to have one. This is actually a great news for our Defense Department and the IA.

Mr. Troy said that it is going to be a great capability for the war-fighters for everyone of them to communicate back directly to their general without missing a word.

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