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U.S. For Clean Energy (Solar)

Renewable natural resources is the best way to go, all countries over the planet are planning now to join the new world system, which urges all around the globe to move onto the green energy instead of using others that can be too harmful to the humanity. We all need our lives, life is beautiful, and we all would not like to be dead to early in age.

Many great countries already step up, for example, France, U.S., Canada, Germany, Sweden, China, Japan, and Australia; they all met together to change the way we used to get energy. I can see it in a great benefit for those of us having the high current light bills, many of us would like to move especially for that reason, but never really thought about the humanity. It is great for you and also better for the world.

“President Obama’s comprehensive energy strategy calls for rapid development of renewable energy, especially on America’s public lands,” said Secretary Salazar. “This environmentally-sensitive plan will identify appropriate Interior-managed lands that have excellent solar energy potential and limited conflicts with wildlife, other natural resources or land users. The two dozen areas we are evaluating could generate nearly 100,000 megawatts of solar electricity. With coordinated environmental studies, good land-use planning and zoning and priority processing, we can accelerate responsible solar energy production that will help build a clean-energy economy for the 21st century.”

On Thursday, the Obama administration has announced its greatest plan to go green with desert solar energy zones, directing large-scale industrial projects to 285,000 acres of desert in the Western U.S. while opening 20 million acres of the Mojave for development.

In six Western States, there are 17 solar energy zones, that were identified by their absence of major environmental or cultural conflicts. But nothing prevents a developer from requesting permission to build on federal land outside the preferred areas.

The government spent millions to get these jobs done, and right on Thursday, there were 13 million dollars spent to prepare.

So Tell me What do you think about those efforts, are they good, or how they affect our U.S. economy, is it good for our economy or what?

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