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Fructel’s “Gametel Android Controller”


The Sony Ericsson Xperia was known as the only smartphone has a built-in game pad on as one of the world gamers greatest smart device.

Recently, Fructel announced its release of an accessory that will let users to connect to any Android-powered smartphone or device named “Gametel Controller,” a device that uses Bluetooth to send signals, and also works with other systems with Bluetooth like iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Windows. It requires an Android 2.1 or later versions to enjoy this newest technology.

The newest controller is developed to make the game world easier with a better gaming experience with real buttons instead of losing all the time when playing on a touch display device.

The controller included a 250mAh battery that offers about nine hours of battery life, and the best part of it is, it automatically shuts down after six minutes of when no one plays it. And not too much information have been leaked, so for further info., keep in touch with Sci-Techsavvy.


Capacity 250 mAh
Type Rechargable Li Pol
Gaming time 9 Hours
Charging via USB micro cable

Size and Weight

Size 120 x 67 x 24 mm
Weight 80g


Navigation 4 (controlled with left thumb)
Action 4 (controlled with right thumb)
Firing 2 (controlled with index fingers)
Select 1
Power 1


Communication Green
Charge indicator Red


Bluetooth Bluetooth


Android v2.1 and above
iPhone & iPad iCade support

Waiting to start enjoying the controller, not too long, before this Christmas, it will be released.



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