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A study shows that Internet Explorer Users Are Dumber than other browsers

Internet Explorer Users Are Dumber, Study Shows

According to a company called AptiQuant, a self-proclaimed “world leader in the field of online psychometric testing,” reported this IQ result all over the www.

Why would a study found that Internet Explorer users are even dumber than Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and Safari users? This cannot be a surprise because Internet Explorer is the default option on all Windows computers and is mostly used by the inexperienced and those who don’t even know if there are other options to do. However for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera, they are used generally by professionals, students, and people who know what they want. It is pretty obvious to see that, on my computer now I have three type of browsers, the reason is because sometimes one is faster than others (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), they are not bad, even the Explorer version 9, is a very nice one but not used by professional, I mostly use Chrome and Firefox for faster result and those two powered by Google, it helps to find a better result when it comes to research. (TechMediaNetwork)

Opera users averaged the highest IQ scores of all the browsers. However, Firefox, Chrome and Safari scores were relatively similar to each other, but lower than that of Opera. So, does that mean Opera users are smarter than those of Chrome and Firefox? Probably yes, because most professionals are looking for some sort of better secure service from the browsers.

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